About MA


MA [em-ei]

1985年 日本生まれ 東京在住 2012年2月24日の自身の誕生日に初個展“BORN IN JAPAN”[F*** you, I wonʼt do what you tell me ]を活動の声明とし開催して以来、国内外で活動をする。近年は一貫したテーマ「東京」「資本主義」「人間」を元に作品を描きながらも、いわゆる“ジャンル”や“様式”に囚われることなく、表現の幅を拡張しつつ、深度を下げている。

MA was born in 1985 in Japan and lives in Tokyo.Since his first solo exhibition opened on 24 Feb 2012, “BORN IN JAPAN” with the statement “F*** you, I won’t do what you tell me”, he has worked both in Japan and abroad. Recently, he has been painting with a focus on the consistent themes, “Tokyo”, “capitalism” and “humanity”, never restrained by so-called “genre” or “style”, he expands the scope of expressions and deepens it.