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カタログ・広告の女性のコラージュを油彩で精巧に描写した『Special Capital』シリーズ、100cm x 100cmの正方形のキャンバスに油彩で描かれた8枚からなる『The Reconstruction of Identity』シリーズ、また最新作となるペンキで描かれた文字を激しく崩すことで形を表す『The wipe out painting』シリーズなど、MAの表現手法の幅の広さと、その表現に通底する「東京」「資本主義」「人間」といったテーマを俯瞰できるMA初のARTブックです。

さらに、過去に少数のみ販売された2009年から2013年までのグラフィティ、ドローイング、ペインティング、コラージュで構成された“2009 ~ 2013” REPRINT ZINE がWEBショップHidden Circus、他一部店舗限定特典として付属します。

An art book, which features paintings of the artist MA, born in 1985 and living in Tokyo, from 2013 to 2018, will go on sale.

In this first art book of MA, you’ll be able to get a comprehensive look at his consistent themes such as “Tokyo”, “Capitalism” and “Humanity” and witness the versatile expressions of MA in the works such as the “Special Capital” series, which consist of oil paintings of collages of women in shopping catalogues and ads drawn with precision, “The Reconstruction of Identity” series, which are made of eight oil painting in 100cm x 100cm canvases, and the latest “The wipe out painting” series, which radically deform letters with painting to express forms.

Moreover, those who purchase the art book will be given a download code of “2009 ~ 2013” REPRINT ZINE , consisting of graffiti, drawings, paintings and collages from 2009 to 2013 that were only sold in a small number in the past.

Title: MA
Price: JPY 2,160 (included tax) / USD 19.40 (included tax) / GBP 14.84 (included tax)
Specifications: Softcover/90 pages/Full colour offset printing
Publication/Sales: MA

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