MA [em-ei]

Born in Japan Asia, currently resides in Tokyo.

After graduating from an art college in 2007, he went to London, England for a year.
During his stay in London, he began working as a graffiti writer under the name “MA” and continued his activities after returning to Japan.
While he follows the general graffiti style of spray-painting letters, he also uses stencils, posters, and trompe l’oeil elements, as well as political messages, to create his own serious and nihilistic style of expression.
In 2009, during the U.S. presidential election, he sampled artist Shepard Fairey’s “HOPE” poster of former President Obama and replaced it with a poster of former Prime Minister Taro Aso and “GONE” at the end of the LDP administration. The posters were put up around town and were featured in Newsweek magazine, which led to an interview with a news journalist and the publication of photos of the work in AFP BB NEWS, Telegraph, EL MUNDO, Daum, and other web media in various countries.

You can see some of MA’S outside works from link below.
“2009 ~ 2013” REPRINT ZINE Free Download

On February 24, 2012, his 27th birthday, he held his first solo exhibition “BORN IN JAPAN” [F*** you, I won?tdo what you tell me ] as a statement of his activities and has continued to work as an artist ever since.

His works range from realistic oil paintings, spray paintings using stencils, and “drip letters” inspired by his own graffiti on the streets, to collages using both analog and digital media based on magazines, photographs, drawings, and text and combines them to create his works.
In all of these methods, he uses “collage” as the base of his thinking and as a tool for exploring his subconscious.
In addition to general collage, which involves cutting and pasting visual images such as photographs and drawings, he also defines “collage” as the act of cutting and pasting (i.e., drawing) textual information from various sources.

His original theme was “Japan after World War II, Japanese, capitalism, and Tokyo” which sent out a direct and strong political message.
However, after the birth of his daughter in 2019, the theme that he has been putting at the base of his work since then is “As long as we are alive, we cannot remain innocent, and while accepting this human species and the world we have created, and the countless contradictions therein, as they are, if neccesory I will strongly resist and continue to prove that I am alive.”

He also provides artwork and collaborates with musicians who have been similarly influenced by HipHop, one of the most important aspects of Afro-American culture, which has had the greatest influence on him.

-Artwork and art direction for rapper Tao’s first album “Lost Identity” (2010)
-Various artworks and designs for rapper B.I.G. JOE and his label (2010~2011)
-Artwork for UAE industrial music label Bedouin Records (2016)
-Artwork for Ryo Murakami’s industrial/dark ambient album “Esto” (2016)
-Artwork and art direction for noise band Endon’s live album “MAMA IN CONCERT” (2016)
-Artwork and art direction for Endon’s second album “Through the mirror” (2017)
-Artwork for Endon’s music video “Boy meets girl” (2018)
-Artwork for rapper Elle Teresa’s music video (2022)
-Collaboration with HIPHOP producer Bohemia Lynch (2022)
-Artwork for “Trouble” by rapper KOJOE x producer Bohemia Lynch (2023)
-Artwork for “LETHIMCOOK” US rapper  CRIMEAPPLE , LP and Collaboration (2024)

1985年 アジア・日本生まれ 東京都在住

2009年、ポスター/グラフィティがNewsweek誌に掲載されたことをきっかけに、ジャーナリストのインタビューを受け、AFP BB NEWS, Telegraph, EL MUNDO, Daumなど各国のウェブメディアで彼の作品の写真が掲載。

“2009 ~ 2013” REPRINT ZINE Free Download

2012年2月24日の自身の27歳の誕生日に初個展「BORN IN JAPAN”[F*** you, I won?tdo what you tell me ]」を活動の声明とし開催して以来、アーティストとして活動を続けている。




・ラッパー道(Tao) の1stアルバム『Lost Identity』アートワーク提供、アートディレクション (2010)
・ラッパーB.I.G. JOEとそのレーベルへの各種アートワーク提供(2010~2011)
・UAEのインダストリアル音楽レーベル Bedouin Recordsへのアートワーク提供 (2016)
・インダストリアル/ダーク・アンビエント Ryo Murakamiのアルバム『Esto』へのアートワーク提供 (2016)
・ノイズ・バンド EndonのLIVEアルバム『MAMA IN CONCERT』アートワーク提供、アートディレクション (2016)
・ノイズ・バンド Endonの2ndアルバム『Through the mirror』アートワーク提供、アートディレクション (2017)
・ノイズ・バンド EndonのMV『Boy meets girl』へアートワーク提供 (2018)
・ラッパー Elle TeresaのMVへのアートワーク提供 (2022)
・HIPHOPプロデューサー Bohemia Lynchとのコラボレーション (2022)
・ラッパー KOJOE x プロデューサー Bohemia Lynchの『Trouble』へのアートワーク提供 (2023)
・米ラッパー CRIMEAPPLEのアルバム『LETHIMCOOK』へのペインティング作品の提供、コラボレーション (2024)